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Chinatown and Little Italy

People in the painting from left to right


Phil Raffiani- Farthest to left- brown suit- husband of Laura,father of Ben and Alexandra

Laura Raffiani- Right of Phil- blue dress- Phil’s wife, mother of Ben and Alexandra    










     Teresa Benedetti- Right of Laura- red blouse- wife of Robert, mother of Marissa and Julian

     Robert Benedetti- Right of Theresa- blue sweater- father of Marisa and Julian, husband of Teresa

     Julian Benedetti- Right of Robert- son of Teresa and Robert

     Ben Raffiani- Right of Julian- yellow shirt- son of Phil and Laura

     Alexandra Raffiani- Right of Ben- red and white dress- daughter of Phil and Laura

     Marissa Benedetti- Right of Alexandra- flowered dress- daughter of Robert and Teresa

     Francesca Benedetti- Right of Marissa- mother of Sandi, Laura, and Robert, wife of Sergio

     Sergio Benedetti- Right of Francesca- father of Sandi, Laura, and Robert, husband of Francesca


     Bill Fang- Right of Sergio- husband of Sandi, father of Nico and Bianca

     Nico Fang- Held by Bill- son of Sandi and Bill

     Bianca Fang- Right of Bill- holding large doll- daughter of Sandi and Bill

     Sandi Benedetti Fang- Right of Bianca- wife of Bill, mother of Nico and Bianca

     Ah Hing- Right of Sandi- striped shopping bag- was nanny to Bill in his childhood 

     Victor Fang- Right of Ahi Hing- father of Bill and Mike, husband of Kay

     Kay Fang- Right of Victor- mother of Bill and Mike, wife of Victor

     Randy Fang- Right of Kay- striped shirt- son of Sue and Mike

     Sue Fang- Right of Randy- white blouse- wife of Mike, mother of Randy and Christina

     Christina Fang- Right of Sue- red blouse- daughter of Mike and Sue 

     Mike Fang- Right of Christina- husband of Sue- father of Randy and Christina

     Rena Benedetti- Underneath ”Welcome to Little Italy” sign in window toward left- mother of Sergio, wife of Bruno

     Bruno Benedetti- Right of Rena- father of Sergio, husband of Rena

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