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     Mrs. Max Glaser- Farthest to left

     Joseph H. Newman- Right of Mrs. Glaser

     Jerome J. Londin- Right of Joseph Newman

     Dr. Irwin Gribetz- Right of Jerome London

     David A. Botwinik- Right of Dr. Gribetz

     Tillie Goldman- Right and slightly below David Botwinik    

Hebrew Free Loan Society

     Rose Schwartz- Right of Tillie Goldman

     Judah Gribetz- Right and slightly above Rose Schwartz

     Donald Flamm- Right and slightly below Judah Gribetz

     Dr. Donald Gribetz- Right and slightly above Donald Flamm

     Dr. Julius Manson- Right of Dr. Gribetz

     David Durst- Right of Dr. Manson 

     Laurel A. Durst- Right of David Durst

     William T. Golden- Right of Laurel Durst

     Sybil Golden- Right of William Golden

     Michael Kahn- Right of Sybil Golden

     Theodore H. Silbert- Right of Michael Kahn

     Stanford S. Warshawsky- Right of Theodore Silbert

     Peter Askin- Right and slightly above Stanford Warshawsky

     Arnold Teitelbaum- Right of Peter Askin 

     Joseph S. Gruss- Right and below of Arnold Teitelbaum

     Dr. James Schwartz- Right and above Joseph Gruss

     David Karnovsky- Right and below Dr. Schwartz

     Jack Rudin- Right and above David Karnovsky

     Judge Leo Glasser- Right and below Jack Rudin

     Michael Novak- Right and above Judge Glasser

     David Teitelbaum- Right of Michael Novak


     In back- Group of symbolic people whom Hebrew Free Loan has helped throughout the years- all nationalities, colors, and religions



People painted on billboards left to right


     Leopold Zinsler- On left of Judah Gribetz

     Jacob Samuel- Left on board to right of Laurel Durst

     Theodore Racoosin- Right of Jacob Samuel

     Jacob H. Schiff- Right of Theodore Racoosin

     Arnold Landoes- Right of Jacob Schiff

     Max Glaser- Under Jacob Samuel

     Israel Cummings- Right of Max Glaser

     Lazarus Joseph- Right of Israel Cummings

     Joseph Cohen- Under Max Glaser

     S. Herbert Golden- Right of Joseph Cohen

     Joseph Schwartz- Right of S. Herbert Golden

     Julius J. Dukas- Left on board right of Theodore Silbert

     Abraham Gribetz- Right of Julius Dukas

     Joseph Durst- Right of Abraham Gribetz

     Nathan C. Belth- Right of Joseph Durst

     Simon E. Osserman- Right of Belth

     Milton Schwartz- Right of Simon Osserman 

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