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People in the painting


 Daniel Leibowitz- Middle of canvas on bottom, facing right- 5 years old, red sweatsuit  Son of Larry and Roberta Leibowitz 


Canal and Division Streets

Roberta Liebowitz- Right of Chinese woman with baby on back- white jacket

Mother of Daniel, Laura, Tracy, Amy- Wife of Larry


Laura Liebowitz- Right of Roberta- 8 years old

Daughter of Larry and Roberta Leibowitz


Larry Liebowitz- Right of Laura

Father of Daniel, Laura,Tracy, Amy- His wife is Roberta


Amy Liebowitz- Right of Larry, right of little boy with yellow sweater- 17 years old

Daughter of Larry and Roberta Liebowitz 


Tracy Liebowitz- Right of Amy-  14 years old, yellow tan shirt 

Daughter of Larry and Roberta Liebowitz 


Lucy Calas- Red haired woman wearing white on right- One of the first friends I made when 

I began to paint on the Lower East Side-worked at Galishoff’s Restaurant on Rivington 



Perfect Travel on corner on the left was picked as the center of attention because of all its signs. It was begun by Mr. Newstate in 1972 and services large numbers of people within the area. Rabinowitz book store was begun in 1920 by Solomon Rabinowitz. I met people who went in and out whose grandparents had been shopping there when they were Yeshiva students. The store had opened with help from Reuben Mass, who in the 1980’s, was an elder statesman in Israeli publishing. The area has changed from mostly Jewish and Italian to being largely Indian and Chinese.  


Group of four young people next to tan truck after U-Haul- Chani Yammer, Rachel Salomon,

Seryl Salomon, Stanley Mandelkum


Jack is the man in front of the U-Haul truck. He has been selling his wares for Sukkoth for 25 years.

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