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Stock Exchange Trading Floor

It is difficult to explain an experience as exiting as this painting afforded to me. To be welcomed to sit in comfort and actually paint the trading floor in action. What amazed me were the friendships I saw as people worked with each other. Rather than the frenzy I had always thought of when I envisioned the stock market, I was witnessing a huge group of people moving about, intent on what their moment asked of them. 

I loved my time on the balcony, and never dreamed of having the privilege of doing this painting during the actual workday of the trading time itself.

How did this happen? It happened when I sat down on the street in front of the Stock Exchange and decided to paint the people who belonged to its world. I had said that I would not sell the painting, but that we are making signed and numbered limited edition prints, and that anyone buying one, would also be painted into this canvas. The response led to the next painting, which is this one.

The Trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange is a modern securities marketplace serving a broad range of constituencies within and outside the securities industry.  Central to its success is the blending of people and technology.

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