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On The Edge of the Park

In this painting I decided to show the enormous impact this area had on our city and on the people who were visitors. It seemed as if people from all over the world were driven to be part of it. They needed to be included and so were the workers within the surrounding buildings, and the stories they told me proved that this is what the painting had to to represent. Therefore, this canvas has close to 400 people whom I met, people who told me their stories, people who made me a part of their story of NYC.

They came from all walks of life, I painted people from the Plaza Hotel, The General Motors Building, Tiffany, FAO Schwarz, The Sherry-Netherland, and tourists from all over the world.........398 people who told me their stories. One of the workers in the offices of one of these buildings even gave me the title for this painting....


"On the Edge of the Park"

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