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Gebhard Family Rivington and Orchard St

Laufer’s opened in 1925 and became what could be called a landmark; served about four generations; begun by Sidney Laufer with one assistant, over the years it grew; now has ten people working at this location; there are five other offices in the Metropolitan area and they are operated mostly by members of the Laufer family.

People in the painting:


Jean Gebhard- Mother- foreground- orange red slacks

George Gebhard- Father- walking- white shirt, brown slacks 

George E. Gebhard- oldest son- next to meter-pale yellow shirt, beige slacks

 Peter Gebhard- youngest son-next to mother- yellow shirt, dungarees

Jean Marie Gebhard- daughter- purple shirt, white slacks

Police officer Rick Picciotti- policeman- back toward painting looking toward Orchard Street in background 

Mr. Cooper- white apron- owns grocery store-began it in 1937

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