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View From The Window of The Educational Alliance

During the winter of 1974, Abe Eisenfeld, the director of the Educational Alliance Art Department, gave me permission to work from one of the windows of his floor. One of the classes which he taught was that of a group of senior citizens. One of them, Ruth Becker, is shown in the street (foreground) holding two shopping bags.
Standing at the classroom window in the Educational Alliance Building, the viewer looks down upon a typical street scene in the area of Essex Street, East Broadway, and Canal Street. Towards the left, the side of what had once been the Forward Building can be seen. Now it is a Chinese church.

The group in the center of the street is the family of the artist.

Jo-Anne Page - daughter of Hedy and Eric Page with small black dog

Ken Page - son of Hedy and Eric Page with large Great Dane

Hedy Page - in back of Great Dane

Eric Page - to right of Hedy

Paula Kellman - Hedy’s mother- to right of Eric

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