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Orchard And Delancey St

People in painting: 
Larry Hecht- Standing in door of shoe shop under awning

Marianne Baker- Woman with yellow slacks, white top
Linda Baker- Little girl on her left
Shirley Baker- Young girl, blonde, next person on Linda’s left

Jimmy Ross- Man in yellow shirt next to hot dog stand

Came to New York from South Carolina about 1966. Larry’s father arrived from Hungary in 1903. Larry’s mother arrived from Romania in the early 1930’s. Most of Larry’s family died in concentration camps. Even though Larry was born on the Upper West Side, he was very familiar with the Lower East Side, he went to school at Rabbi Jacob Joseph school on Henry Street. Today there is a Chinese Co-op on that site. He went to Yeshiva with plans to go to Rabbinical and Cantorial School. His plans for the future changed when instead he went to work in Borough Park doing kosher catering.He was told by a friend that Fine and Kline had space available upstairs. In 1969, he took the area and began Lace-Up-Shoe-Shop at 119 Orchard Street. It was in need of repair and a friend who lived on City Island named Bob Adams did all the wood work. The shop moved to the southeast corner of Delancey and Orchard Street in 1980.Across the street is the Hebrew Publishing Company, which closed down and moved shortly after that.Fine and Kline began at 130 Orchard Street when Julius Fine and Murray A. Kline opened around 1964. They moved across the street to 131 Orchard Street. In about 1970, they moved to their present location at 119 Orchard Street.

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