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Plaza Hotel Area

This painting was commissioned by friends who had spent their honeymoon at the Plaza Hotel, and ended up by making me fall in love with the area. When I first set up my chair, easel and other equipment across from the hotel near the General Motors building, I was asked to move by security. I was told that selling was not allowed. When I explained that I was commissioned and would not be selling anything, the General Motors Chief Henry and later the manager as well, allowed me to work. Later I also made a signed and numbered limited edition print of the area called "AT THE EDGE OF THE PARK". 

People in the painting: 

Raymond Lescrinier - head waiter, man in dark suit walking next to shorter man wearing dark suit. 

Charles Platkin - boy on bicycle, white shirt, son of Norton and Linda 

Linda Platkin - woman to his right, mother of Charles and Denise

Norton Platkin - on Linda's right, father of Charles and Denise

Denise Platkin - on Norton's right, daughter of Linda and Norton 

A. Gashinky - In front of limousine, calls himself "cowboy" - is driver of limousine 

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