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Plaza Hotel Area

When I painted this presentation of the Plaza Hotel,  I had met many of the people of the Central Park Conservancy and wanted to show how much of the park’s beauty is due to them.

There are 4 children’s playgrounds, and the park served as a living laboratory for more than 12,000 students and teachers who took part in the Conservancy’s environmental science programs.

Each project started with individuals who felt a collective need to improve their quality of life and saw  Central Park as a critical part of that process. There are many accomplishments such as new weekend and family programs, revamped and revitalized education programs and collaboration with other cultural organizations such as El Museo del Bario and Dance Theatre of Harlem. I have spent so much time in that wonderful park and painted it from so many different angles.   But with this one I wanted to show what a vast part of the city’s horizon it presides over, and the glory of what it portrays, and the meaning it gives to New York City itself.

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