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Fraunce's Tavern

So much to my regret I am writing this story in 2020, so many years after I had finished this painting.  It was commissioned by the then owners of that wonderful restaurant, Fraunces Tavern, at 54 Pearl Street. Robert and Jaqueline Norden watched over and advised me when I began the painting of their building during1979 for a different client, and became close friends.

However, after real estate prices in that area rose, the owners of the building, a historic society called The Sons of the Revolution and the Nordens, could not reach an agreement and the Nordens moved away. 

 I was no longer working in that area, and was not aware of the fact that they were gone. The time of working with them remains one of my wonderful memories of their kindness and friendship. I googled them today, but the Tavern is not taking messages because it is the Covid-19  pandemic, and there is no current address of the Nordens. How fortunate I was to have lived at a time when I could travel and paint in this wonderful city of New York and that I can relive the people and memories through photos of the paintings and to share them with you.

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