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Plaza Hotel

I knew this area so well by now, but every time I felt that I was seeing it in a new way

There are so many books and articles written about it, that I will not compete with them, and instead will just list the people whom I placed into this painting.

There is Tony Toro, park in brown uniform listening to musicians

Vivian and Scott, Hanson drivers

Pat Salviggione...doorman at Bergdorf Goodman

Denise Maglioni....secretary of Rod Johnson

Rod Johnson....manager of General Motors Building

Dick and Rog Kalish

Albert Presti

Hans C. Basse

Daniel Monaghan

Gina Henry

James Curcio

Nelsea Farrar

Peggy...did publicity for Bergdorf Goodman

Izzi De Quesada

Mary Ann Crowe

Barry Oster

Matt Carrick

Pat Brennan

Tom O’Shea

Chief Henry

Richard and Claire Kellman

Sandra Kellman

David Kellman

Robert Shafran

Edward Galland






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