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Metropolitan Museum 

As we set up a website for my finished paintings of NYC and its environs, I realize how much my concept of how to present them in the future has changed.

I am doing this in the year 2020, and the lists I have of the people in my paintings are not possible to be safely shown. I have lists of everyone in this painting, but also their names, addresses and phone numbers, freely given to me as I gave mine to them. Our world has changed. Information is no longer given only to people you know, but hacked into, on social media, a way of receiving unwanted and annoying robot calls, but not shown in my website. I keep them in my files for my joy of memories in the people I met and painted.

But I can speak here of the buildings, and the  Metropolitan Museum is one of the miracles of the world. At least, it has always been that to me. When my children were young, a trip into the city to see this museum was always a special event. We would take the Long Island train, then a bus, take time to see the people on their stands in front of it, and quietly in hushed tones walk into that impressive hallway. We never went to the publicized events because crowds changed the quiet atmosphere, and we needed to just be allowed to see what we wanted to stand in front of. So many articles and books and films exist to explain the Museum, but they cannot explain the magic.......if you have ever walked into this building, you know what I mean..

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