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West 24th 


This is a beautiful landmark status street. I did the painting during 1978 when Mr and Mrs Smith lived there with their three children.......Ian, Colin, Jared, all of whom are pictured here. Years later, when their apartment became Sanford’s

business office, it was as beautiful a street as I remembered it.


For me, during 1978, it also had a special memory. The mayor had created a “pooper-scooper” law, which meant that owners of dogs were fined if they left the droppings on the street instead of scooping them up. For an artist working on a sidewalk during the hot summer days, the difference of the air quality was a real gift.....and I remember that this street became a joy in which to work. I gave the symbol of the dog used by NYC to enforce this new law a center spot in the painting.

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