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Second Ave and 10th Street

I loved doing this painting because it brought me back to the 2nd Ave. Deli. area, one of my favorite spots in the Lower East Side.Larry Schonbrun had spent much time at Gem Spa during his time in New York, and he loved the area as much as I did.

We corresponded for many years, and he sent me a list and photos of the people he wanted to include in the painting. In front of the deli are its owner, the chef and customers, and Larry is also pictured in the painting. Gem Spa is on the left side, a few blocks back.

Some of the people in the painting:

William Leung

Dale C. Jones

Maria Pergolizzi

George Bartenieft

Larry Schwartz

Sally Ceto

Stanley  Volchock

Lenny first on left

Neil second on left

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