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47th & Broadway

I am writing this during the year 2000, 12 years after I completed this painting. I no longer remember the names of many of the people pictured here,  but as I look at the painting, the memories of the area and the warmth of the people I met there, 

remain permanent within my heart and mind. 

The Palace Theater, which is pictured on the left hand side of the canvas, is no longer a dignified old building. When I began this work it was somewhat shabby, but it was a comfortable and friendly-scaled building and fit into this area. Shortly afterwards it was renovated, and now it looks just like a huge movie palace on a street filled with towering glass buildings and huge billboards. I am so glad that TK’s still has its spot on the triangle, but I would no longer want to sit and paint on any of the street corners there.

Some of the people in the painting

Sally Fried

Burton Fried

Beth Fried

Stacey Fried

Jane Sheinfeld

Steven Sheinfeld

The manager of TK’s

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