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When I began to paint the Delmonico Restaurant and its surrounding area, the building on the right hand corner of the canvas was still there. It balanced my composition perfectly, and luckily remained until I finished the painting. Soon afterwards it was torn down.

This was a wonderful spot in which to work. There was little heavy traffic, the neighborhood seemed to be filled with history buffs who loved this building, and when I needed to see further into the distance than what my street view allowed, I was offered viewing space from some of the top floors of the surrounding buildings.

I kept my painting supplies at Delmonico and at India House ( which was only a block away) and it was never as windy as the nearby areas of my other paintings had been


Some of the people....from left to right

John Cantrell..from India House...1st on left, dark glasses

JoAnne O’Connor..from Delmonico..lady in yellow

Curtis with dog, guard dog from area

Helen T. front of Bianca Commerciale Italiana

Ben Bowman..pushing hand truck

Robert de Mott..photographer, man on curb, white shirt

Al Loyd..from Q and R Clearing Co....white shirt and vest

Jaquie..waitress at nearby Pearl Restaurant, pink sweater

Susan Johnson..from Delmonico, wearing yellow

Lillian Scott Bruner..from Merril Lynch, wearing red

Yitz Grossman,..from Target Capital, white shirt and tie

Parents of Sally and Burt Fried.....right of Delmonico

Burt and Sally Fried..crossing street

Stacey Fried...daughter

Jane Fried..daughter

Beth Fried..daughter

Corbin Marr...from Faherty Aliaga and Co,In. Wearing blue jacket

John P. Marie Jr. ..driver of Coca Cola truck

Ben front of Italian Alps Restaurant

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