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Metropolitan Museum

This painting was commissioned by a family which  I met when neither of us knew that our lives would blend into a permanent friendship. Now, as I write this, 57 years later, we are part of each other’s lives and even though neither of us ever lived in Orchard St, our love of that world brought us together. 

We had met on Orchard St. while I was doing a street painting,and where Elaine loved to shop. Like many people from other states and other countries, shoppers and sight seers found this area fascinating, and found reasons to crowd these streets. Elaine  and I began a conversation, she and I met each other’s families, became close friends and will be that forever. Orchard St. became to us that gift which never stops giving.

The Metropolitan  Museum was the building they picked for the site of the painting they wanted. I filled it with the people I met when I worked on that site. In the first few days of working there, I made the discovery that the people on 5th. Avenue

were as interesting as were the people on Orchard St........

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