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Louisiana St in Long Beach,NY

This is one of the wonderful streets on the west side of the city of Long Beach. Painting this was a real challenge because the street was narrow and cars could only go into one the beach...

Cars could only park on one side of the street, and that blocked the bottom of every home on that side. How could I overcome that problem? Only by making believe that I was looking down from a second floor, and a friendly couple allowed me to figure that composition out from their balcony.

We asked our friend, Steve Hanson, to do prints of the finished painting, but wanted each of the people in the canvas identified. He and his wife, Susan Hanson, made a numbered chart with the list of names. Steve had put himself on the roof top, because he realized that in order to show that he was photographing every person, he needed to stand up there where every one can be seen.

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